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 Zhejiang Qinggeng Yudu Industrial Co., Ltd.

"Qinggeng" is to create life,

"Rain reading" is to enjoy life!

The phrase "Qinggengyu Reading" is taken from the Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang's "Fengxiangxuan": "The phoenix soars in a thousand renxi, not a phoenix and does not dwell; a scholar is on one side, and a non-owner does not rely on it. Happy to cultivate in the middle of the Longxi, I love my love Wulu; chat proudly in Qin Shuxi, waiting for the time of the day."
     "Qinggeng" is to create life, and "Rain Reading" is to enjoy life! The packaging, stationery, and fabric industries are mainly customized and divided into three categories: packaging production line: the company has German manroland R705 3B LV5+1 offset printing machine. German Heidelberg CP2000 type four-color offset printing machine , American Kodak CTP publishing machine, hydraulic program-controlled paper cutter, UV coating machine, calender, automatic OPP laminating machine, automatic hot stamping machine, automatic die cutting machine, coarse/fine corrugating machine, automatic opening One-stop packaging production equipment such as slot machine, full-automatic top and bottom forming machine, automatic cladding machine, full-automatic box gluer, full-automatic bag gluer, etc. Products: high-end gift boxes, paper cans, paper bags, publications (books, periodicals and pictures), couplets, etc. Stationery production line: double-sided monochrome printing machine, automatic three-sided paper cutter, folding machine, automatic glue binding machine, automatic shell mounting machine, automatic compound machine, sewing machine, sewing machine, saddle stitching machine, hardcover dragon , Automatic plastic sealing machine and other stationery one-stop production equipment. Production products: notebooks (plastic-bound notebooks/car line notebooks/coil notebooks, etc.), N this stickers, memo pads, bookmarks, letterheads, folders, refrigerator stickers, etc. Fabric production line: Epson digital printing machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic compound machine, automatic cloth winding machine, high frequency machine, sewing machine and other cloth art production lines. Products: cloth bags, cloth bags, storage bags, wash bags, insulation bags, coin purses, table cloths, aprons and other luggage products. In short, Qinggengyuyu provides a one-stop production service system for paper products, cloth products and handicrafts. Provide added value for customer packaging and increase market share!
      In the past five years, Qinggengyudu has been committed to personalized customization and cultural creativity while managing the production process and production process, giving new value to the products, so that our products will be even more powerful! The company has passed ISO9001 and BSCI and other demonstrations. , Won the National Printing and Packaging Quality Gold Award, Zhejiang Printing Product Quality Gold Award, Zhejiang Province Outstanding Industrial Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Growth Cultural Enterprise and other honorary titles.


The Origin of "Reading in Sunny and Rainy Days"

In the rich colors of the city, "Reading in Sunny and Rain" is a simple ink painting, especially simple. It is more cordial and natural. The wind is beautiful and the sun is sweating, and the rainy and rainy is a bowl of tea and a volume of classics. Work diligently when you are happy, study and entertain yourself when you are not happy, and wait for the sunny sun!

   "Sitting and doing nothing, spring comes and the grass is green." Only by letting the stream calm down, the sun and moon can reflect on its surface. Only by calming down can we see all the interference, blinding true feelings, affecting wisdom and judgment, and hindering oneself from finding answers. It is more meaningful to live in troubled times without being surprised, prescription boats without irritability, welcoming the ecstasy, and smiling to the wind, frost, snow and rain! "Qinggeng" is to create life, and "Rain Reading" is to enjoy life! Zhejiang Qinggeng Yudu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the tranquility of life, and adding a cordial, vitality and happiness to life!
     Yunjuanyun Shufeng is powerful, and the waves are up and down in peace. Sit and watch the sea and the sky, everything is in harmony with Heisei! Lin Dong of Zhejiang Qinggengyudu Industrial Co., Ltd. is such a young leader with his own dreams. He loves the artistic conception of "Qinggengyudu", so the company is named after it! Looking forward to working with you, peers, and wins together! Work hard for a better life together...

    The connotation of the "Qinggengyu Reading" logo: Logo+: Qinggengyu reading is a way of life. "Qinggengyu" is to create life, and "rain reading" is to enjoy life. The seal is the symbol of the ancients as a token and personality. The seal engraving and devotion represent a kind of craftsman spirit. The square seal represents integrity, bravery and credibility, and it means "four peace and eight stability" and steady development! In the middle is a dragon, representing our China Printing and Packaging City---Longgang (also representing my own Xiaolong). It is a little gossip shape, carved with Yin and Yang. It also represents the cultural inheritance, innovation, communication and mutual trust of the Book of Changes. , This is the logo design of "Reading in the Rain"


Cultural creativity leads to a stronger and better industry


Corporate values

Never slacken off, follow the trend, unity of knowledge and action


Our Mission

Confirm the present, refresh the future, and move forward together for our better life....


Corporate vision

To be the focus and leader of the printing and packaging industry


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Crafts Marketing Director: Huang Guanghu 15258621757

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